Lush Life – Episode May 8, 2018

CANCON Extravaganza!


  • I Feel Pretty
    Oscar Peterson Trio • West Side Story
  • Chocolate Magic Mushrooms
    Jen Hodge All Stars • All's Fair in Love and Jazz
  • Walk Home
    Chris Andrew • Strange Days
  • The Cookie Monster
    Sharon Minemoto Quintet • Side A
  • Goodbye Mumbai
    Renee Rosnes • Written in the Rocks
  • RB's Line
    Jodi Proznick Quartet • Foundations
  • Mark Adam Drum
    Christine Jensen • Look Left
  • Off a Bird
    Liebman/Murley Quartet featuring Jim Vivian & Terry Clarke • Live at U of T
  • Maybe Yes, Maybe No
    Ugetsu • Live at the Cellar
  • One Finger Snap
    Nick Maclean Quartet • Rites of Ascension
  • Come song come joy come grief
    Joe Sorbara • The Imperative
  • October Suite III: Let's Go
    Joe Sullivan Big Band • Unfamiliar Surroundings
  • Spinning Suite
    Simon Fisk • The Great Vehicle