Megawatt Mayhem – Episode February 12, 2017

Episode 1512- 'Double Live In Japan'-Part 1. A history of albums recorded live in Japan in honour of Japan's national holiday on Feb 11.


  • Megawatt Theme
    Metalium • Millenium Metal
  • Heavy Metal Breakdown
    Grave Digger • Heavy Metal Breakdown
  • Heavy Metal Breakdown
    Bitch • Be My Slave
  • Highway Star (Live)
    Deep Purple • Made In Japan
  • Kill The King (Live)
    Rainbow • On Stage
  • Speedy's Coming (Live)
    Scorpions • Tokyo Tapes
  • Running Wild (Live)
    Judas Priest • Unleashed In The East
  • Running Free (Live)
    Iron Maiden • Maiden Japan
  • Sleepless Nights (Live)
    Loudness • Live Loud Alive
  • Hiroshima Mon Amor (Live)
    Alcatrazz • Live Sentence: No Parole From Rock 'n' Roll
  • Queen Of The Reich (Live)
    Queensryche • Live In Tokyo
  • Screaming For A Love Bite (Live)
    Accept • Staying A Life
  • Crazy Nights (Live)
    Loudness • 8186 Live
  • Turn On The Action (Live)
    Dokken • Beast From The East
  • Ride The Sky (Live)
    Gamma Ray • Heading For The East
  • Silent Jealousy (Live)
    X-Japan • On The Verge Of Destruction
  • City's Gonna Burn (Live)
    Laaz Rockit • Taste Of Rebellion
  • Purple's Mountains' Majesty (Live)
    T.N.T. • Three Nights In Tokyo
  • Traveller In Time (Live)
    Blind Guardian • Tokyo Tales
  • Living In Hysteria (Live)
    Heavens Gate • Live For Sale!
  • Cry From The Edge (Live)
    Viper • Maniacs In Japan
  • Colorado Bulldog (Live)
    Mr. Big • Japandemonium
  • Edge Of Thorns (Live)
    Savatage • Japan Live '94
  • Medley: Speed Of The Reflex-Run Silent, Run Deep,-Mind Over Metal (Live)
    Raven • Destroy All Monsters-Live In Japan
  • Megawatt Exit Theme
    Lizzy Borden • Menace To Society