Megawatt Mayhem – Episode December 10, 2017


  • Megawatt Theme
    Metalium • Millennium Metal: Chapter One
  • Death Metal
    Posssessed • Seven Churches
  • Death Metal
    Onslaught • Power From Hell
  • With Mournful eyes
    Seer Bliss (RIP Vida Ferenc) • Phantoms
  • Hail To Rock
    Arida Vortex (RIP Vladimir Budnick) • Hail to Rock
  • When Death Calls
    Black Sabbath (RIP Geoff Nicholls) • Headless Cross
  • Future Nights
    Wyzard (RIP Rene Cox) • Future Knights
  • A Lonely Ceremony/ The Eternal Walk
    Ophthalamia (RIP Tony 'It' Saarka) • Via Dolorosa
  • Sleeping All Alone
    Bonfire (RIP Horst Maier Thorn) • Fireworks
  • New Reign (The Phoenix)
    Drive (RIP Rick Chavez) • Characters In Time
  • Bleed For Me
    Reverance (RIP Pete Rossi) • When Darkness Calls
  • Rhythm Or Not
    Y&T (RIP Joey Alves) • Contagious
  • Fates Wind
    Realm (RIP Paul Laganowski) • Endless War
  • Împodobeala Timpului
    Negura Bunget (RIP Gabriel ' Negru' Mafa) • Tau
  • Who Died And Made You God
    Gothic Slam (RIP Claudio Gonzalez) • A Face In The Crowd
  • Thunder Chucker
    Raging Slab (RIP Elyse Steinman) • True Death
  • Escape From Nowhere
    Omen (RIP Paul O'Neill) • Escape From Nowhere
  • Loud And Clear
    Autograph (RIP Keni Richards) • Loud And Clear
  • Journey From Life
    Ragnarok (RIP Tom 'Jerv • Blackdoor Miracle
  • Medieval Steel
    Medieval Steel (RIP Jeff Boydstun) • Medieval Steel
  • El Reino Olvidado
    Rata Blanca (RIP Guillermo Sanchez) • El Reino Elvidado
  • Abandoned By Time
    Warbringer (RIP Nic Ritter) • Waking Into Nightmares
  • The Altar
    Dr. Butcher (RIP David Zablidowsky) • Dr. Butcher
  • I Am Immortal
    Mortal Sin (RIP Mick Burke) • Face Of Despair
  • Wings Of Solitude
    Celtic Frost (RIP Martin Stricker) • Vanity / Nemesis
  • Hammer Of The Gods
    Abattoir (RIP Danny Anaya) • The Only Safe Place
  • Cold Ethyl
    Alice Cooper (RIP Pentti Glan) • Welcome to My Nightmare
  • We Care A Lot
    Faith No More (RIP Charles Mosley) • We Care A Lot
  • Rock 'n' Roll Dream
    AC/DC (RIP Malcolm Young) • Black Ice