Megawatt Mayhem – Episode August 26, 2018

Episode 1500-92. 'Metal Goes Pop' All metal doing pop cover songs! Yowza!


  • Megawatt Theme
    Metalium • Millennium Metal: Chapter One
  • Metalized
    Maxxwell • Metalized
  • Restricted Area
    U.D.O. • Faceless World
  • Beat It! (Originally recorded by Michael Jackson)
    Rain Time • Flies & Lies
  • Thriller (Originally recorded by Michael Jackson)
    Chuck Billy • A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson
  • If I Could Turn Back Time (Originally recorded by Cher)
    Pathfinder • Fifth Element
  • Wind Beneath My Wings (Originally recorded by Bette Midler)
    Sonata Arctica • Orientation
  • Maniac (Originally recorded by Michael Sembelo)
    Sigma • Sigma
  • Rosanna (Originally recorded by Toto)
    Shining Fury • Last Sunrise
  • Take On Me (Originally recorded by A-ha)
    Vision Divine • Send Me An Angel
  • My Sharona (Originally recorded by The Knack)
    Destruction • Cracked Brain
  • Centerfold (Originally recorded by The J. Geils Band)
    Tankard • Stone Cold Sober
  • Ghostbusters (Originally recorded by Ray Parker Jr.)
    Xentrix • Ghostbusters
  • Funky Medley (live)
    Jeff Scott Soto • Live In Madrid
  • Eye Of The Tiger (Originally recorded by Survivor) Rocky III OST
    At Vance • Escape
  • Training Montage (Originally recorded by Vince DiCola) Rocky IV OST
    Northern Kings • Rethroned
  • Everytime I See Your Picture I Cry (Originally recorded by Luba)
    I, Napoleon • I Napoleon
  • Gonna Get Close To You (Originally recorded by Dal Bello)
    Queensryche • Rage For Order
  • Barbara-Ann (Originally recorded by The Regents)
    Blind Guardian • Follow The Blind
  • Mr. Sandman (Originally recorded by Beach Boys)
    Blind Guardian • Bright Eyes (single)
  • Surfin' USA (Originally recorded by The Chordettes)
    Blind Guardian • Blind Guardian Plays Beach Boys (single)
  • Oops... I Did It Again! (Originally recorded by Britney Spears)
    Children Of Bodom • Are You Dead Yet?
  • Jesse's Girl (Originally recorded by Rick Springfeild)
    Children Of Bodom • Holiday At Lake Bodom
  • My Girl Likes To Party All The Time (Originally recorded by Eddie Murphy)
    Children Of Bodom • Relentless Reckless Forever
  • Sleeping In My Car (Originally recorded by Roxette)
    Children Of Bodom • Halo Of Blood
  • Danger Zone (Originally recorded by Kenny Loggins)
    Children Of Bodom • I Worship Chaos
  • Like A Virgin (Originally recorded by Madonna)
    Warmen • First Of The Five Elements
  • Alone (Originally recorded by Heart)
    Warmen • Beyond Abilities
  • Black Cat (Originally recorded by Janet Jackson)
    Warmen • Japanese Hospitality
  • Lay All Your Love On Me (Originally recorded by Abba)
    Helloween • Metal Jukebox
  • Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (Originally recorded by Abba)
    Yngwie J. Malmsteen • Anthology
  • Mama Mia (Originally recorded by Abba)
    Reinxeed • Swedish Hits Goes Metal
  • Waterloo (Originally recorded by Abba)
    Nation • Without Remorse
  • Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Originally recorded by Ultravox)
    Freedom Call • Taragon
  • Larger Than Live (Originally recorded by Backstreets Boys)
    Paragon • Screenslaves
  • Dance With Somebody (Originally recorded by Mando Diao)
    Iron Savior • Rise Of The Hero
  • Rock Me Amadeus (Originally recorded by Falco)
    Edguy • Space Police
  • Barbie Girl (Originally recorded by Aqua)
    Pellek • Covers Vol 5