Megawatt Mayhem – Episode September 16, 2018

Episode 1500-95 My 4th Annual International Talk Like A Pirate Day Show! Yaaaar!


  • Megawatt Theme
    Metalium • Millenium Metal-Chapter One
  • All for Metal
    Doro • Forever Warriors, Forever United
  • Soldiers Of Metal
    Doro • Forever Warriors, Forever United
  • Under Jolly Roger
    Running Wild • Under Jolly Roger
  • Treasure Island
    Running Wild • Pile Of Skulls
  • Treasure Island
    Alestorm • No Grave But The Sea
  • Black Bart
    Silver Bones • Wild Waves
  • The Tale Of Vasa
    Blazon Stone • Return To Port Royal
  • Under The Black Flag
    Verbal Deception • Aerum Aetus Piraticus
  • Steel, Grit And Fury
    Lords Of The Drunken Pirate Crew • Loaded To The Gunwhales
  • Fountain Of Rum
    Lagerstein • All For Rum, Rum For All
  • Damn Beauty Overture (Part I)
    Kingdom Waves • Damn Beauty Overture
  • The Wake Of Magellan (Entire album)
    Savatage • The Wake Of Magellan