Megawatt Mayhem – Episode December 16, 2018

Episode 1600-08 (108/962) Killed By Death. I honour Metal warriors who fell in 2018. R.I.P.


  • The Big Welcome
    W.A.S.P. • Inside The Electric Circus
  • Heavy Metal Never Dies
    Iron Savior • The Landing
  • Heavy Metal Never Dies
    Cryonic Temple • Chapter 1
  • The Fear Of Death
    Zed Yago (RIP Claus Reinholdt) • PIlgrimage
  • Existence
    Seventh Sign (RIP Gregg Analla) • Perpetual Destiny
  • No More Bullying
    Baby Metal (RIP Mikio Fujioka) • Baby Metal
  • Give It All You Got
    Fastway (RIP Edward Clarke) • Fastway
  • Iron Warrior
    Iron Man (RIP Alfred Morris III) • The Passage
  • Hard As Iron
    Judas Priest (RIP Dave Holland) • Ram It Down
  • Drum solo
    Mr. Big (RIP Pat Torpey) • Back At Budokan
  • Reincarnation/Ancient Slumber
    Necrophagia (RIP Frank Pucci) • Season Of The Dead
  • Faster Than The Speed Of Light
    Thrasher (RIP Peter Cowling) • Faster Than The Speed Of Light
  • Destructor
    Destructor (RIP Pat Wolowiecki) • Maximum Destruction
  • Infinite
    Forbidden (RIP Tim Calvert) • Twisted Into Form
  • Power To Love
    Millenium (RIP Ralph Santolla) • Millenium
  • Welcome to Kuwait (Live)
    Evildead (RIP Eddie Livingstone) • From The Depth Of The Underworld...Live!
  • Power Metal
    Pantera (RIP Vinnie Paul) • Power Metal
  • Alice & Ozzy
    Impaler (RIP Erik MItchell) • It Won't Die
  • The Stage
    Slauter Xstroyes (RIP John Stewart) • Winterkill
  • Attaque/Exterminators
    H-Bomb (RIP Didier Izard) • Attaque
  • Premature Burial
    Malevolent Creation (RIP Brett Hoffman) • The Ten Commandments
  • Out Of The Abyss
    Manilla Road (RIP Mark Shelton) • Out Of The Abyss
  • Eight Of Swords
    Huntress (RIP Jill Janus) • Spelleater
  • Alison Hell
    Annihilator (RIP Randy Rampage) • Alice In Hell
  • Welcome Wagon
    Nasty Savage (RIP Richard Bateman) • Penetration Point
  • Hail To Rock
    Arida Vortex (RIP Mikael Nemirovsky) • Hail To Rock
  • City's Gonna Burn
    Laaz Rockit (RIP Willy Lange) • City's Gonna Burn
  • Thoughts Of A Leaking Brain
    Deceased (RIP Dave Castillo) • Ghostly White
  • Gradually Melted
    Deeds Of Flesh (RIP Erik Lindmark) • Gradually Melted
  • Epitaph
    Judas Priest (RIP Chris Tsangerides) • Sad Wings Of Destiny