Megawatt Mayhem – Episode January 6, 2019

Episode 1600-11 (111 / 965) My annual "Year in Review' show for 2018 with our panel of esteemed guest experts!


  • In The Name Of Metal
    Bloodbound • In The Name Of Metal
  • Hypocrisy (Evan's Pick)
    Impelliterri • The Nature Of The Beast
  • Lies Are A Business (Power Metal Mike's Pick)
    Dee Snider • In The Name Of Metal
  • World War Machine (The Necronaut's pick)
    The Crown • Cobra Speed Venom
  • As Fast As The Others (The Thrashmaster's pick)
    Warren Dane • Shadow Work
  • Lazertooth Tiger (Evan's pick)
    Victorius • Dinosaur Warfare: The Legend Of The Power Saurus
  • Death Song (Power Metal Mike's pick)
    Every Hour Kills • Fragile Machine
  • Last Day Of Darkness (The Necronaut's pick)
    Green Carnation • Last Day Of Darkness
  • Slaves To Silicon (The Thrashmasters pick)
    Halcyon way • Bloody But Unbowed
  • Paralyzed (Evan's pick)
    The Night Flight Orchestra • Sometimes The World Ain't Enough
  • Killers With The Cross (Power Metal Mike's pick)
    Powerwolf • Sacrament Of Sin
  • Likeim (The Necronaut's pick)
    Carpathian Forest • Likeim EP
  • Leech Breeder (The Thrashmaster's pick)
    Crisix • Against The Odds
  • Christina (Evan's pick)
    Creye • Creye
  • The Pyre (Power Metal Mike's pick)
    Brainstorm • Midnight Ghost
  • Winter's Descent's Eve...I Become The Journey (The Necronaut's pick)
    Evilfeast • Elegies Of The Stellar Wind
  • Self Deceit Race (The Thrashmaster's pick)
    Warfield • Wrecking Command
  • Tears In My Eyes (Special Guest remote pick from The Baron)
    TNT • XIII
  • Victory (Evan's pick)
    White Widdow • Victory
  • River (Power Metal Mike's pick)
    Borealis • The Offering
  • Empty Streets (The Necronaut's pick)
    In The Woods • Cease The Day
  • Born To Fight (The Thrashmaster's pick)
    Godslave • Born To Fight
  • Puzzle Box (Special Guest remote pick from The Metal Curmudgeon)
    Haken • Vector