Megawatt Mayhem – Episode November 24, 2019

Episode 1600-57 (157/1011) Witches Brew. The third anniversary as sole host of Megawatt Mayhem. A mixed bag of fun stuff!


  • The Big Welcome
    W.A.S.P. • Inside The Electric Circus
  • Metal Is for Everyone
    Freedom Call • Master Of Light
  • The Metal We Play
    The Rest Of Us Is Dead • Phoenix
  • Kill The Dragon
    Aria • Guest From The Shadow Kingdom
  • Frost & Fire
    Cirith Ungol • I'm Alive
  • Are You Metal?
    Helloween • United Alive In Madrid
  • Dykemasters Tale
    Mob Rules • Beast Over Europe
  • Whatcha Do To My Body
    Lee Aaron • Power, Soul and Rock n' Roll-Live In Germany
  • Strength In Numbers
    Tyketto • Strength In Numbers-Live
  • Since You Been Gone
    Blackthorne • Blackthorne
  • Nine to Five
    Killer • Only The Strong Survive Vol 2
  • Big Balls
    Gape • Gape
  • Lost In Hollywood
    Catch The Rainbow • Catch The Rainbow
  • Rock Bottom
    UFO • Phenomena
  • Dream Warriors (Dokken cover)
    Crystal Viper • Tales Of Fire And Ice
  • My Hearty Will Go On (Celine Dion cover)
    DragonForce • Extreme Power Metal
  • Night On A Bald Mountain (Mussorgsky cover)
    Exmortus • Legions Of The Undead
  • Barracuda (Heart cover)
    Seven Kingdoms • Empty Eyes
  • Blood Red Skies (Judas Priest cover)
    Thobbe Englund • Hail To The Priest
  • Harvester Of Souls
    Blind Guardian • Legacy Of The Dark Lands
  • Future Metal
    Baby Metal • Metal Galaxy
  • Swing It!
    Phil Campbell • Old Lions Still Roar
  • She Puts The Bitch In Obituary
    Derek Smalls • Small Changes: Meditations In Aging
  • Angel
    Coreleoni • II
  • Wartunes (re-recorded version)
    Suidakra • Echoes Of Yore
  • Hey Woman
    Artillery • In The Trash
  • Drink Up!
    The Defiants • Zokusho