Megawatt Mayhem – Episode December 15, 2019

Episode 1600-60 (160/1014) "Killed By Death III' My annual tribute to the fallen Metal warriors who passed away in 2019.


  • The Big Welcome
    W.A.S.P. • Inside The Electric Circus
  • Metal Will Never Die
    Grave Digger • Home At Last
  • Metal Will Never Die
    Dio • The Very Beast of Dio-Vol II
  • The Kiss Of Death
    Stormwitch (RIP Martin Winkler) • Witchcraft
  • What The Hell Is Going On?
    Viva (RIP Marco Paganini) • What The Hell Is Going On?
  • Warrior
    Michael Schenker Fest (RIP Ted McKenna) • Resurrection
  • Slow Death
    Rigor Mortis (RIP Bruce Corbitt) • Rigor Mortis
  • Highlands
    Wolfpakk (RIP Bernie Torme) • Rise Of The Animal
  • Only You Can Rock Me
    UFO (RIP Paul Raymond) • Obsession
  • The Other Side
    Hexx (RIP Bill Peterson) • No Escape
  • Gotta Keep A Running
    THe Godz (RIP Eric Moore) • The Godz
  • A Cry From The Edge
    Viper (RIP Andre Mataos) • Theater Of Fate
  • Stronger Than Death
    Forte (RIP Greg Scott) • Unholy War
  • Kaddish
    Salem (RIP Michael Goldstein) • Kaddish
  • Face The Raven
    PowerQuest (RIP Paul Finnie) • Face The Raven
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls
    London (RIP Lizzie Grey) • Don't Cry Wolf
  • Rocking The World
    Joshua (RIP Jeff Fenholt) • Surrender
  • Engine
    TNT (RIP Tony Mills) • A Farewell To Arms
  • Fools
    Motorhead (RIP Larry Willis) • On Parole
  • Visions From The Dark Side
    Morbid Angel (RIP Richard Brunelle) • Altars Of Madness
  • Such Is Life
    Anvil Chorus (RIP Aaron Zimpel) • The Killing Sun
  • The Gates
    Angus (RIP Edgar Lois) • Track Of Doom
  • Legions Of The Dead
    Tyrant (RIP Rob Roy) • Legions Of The Dead
  • When Death Comes
    Artillery (RIP Morten Stutzer) • When Death Comes
  • House Of Death
    Hobb's Angel Of Death (RIP Peter Hobbs) • Angel Of Death
  • A Dangerous Meeting
    Mercyful Fate (RIP Timi Hansen) • Don't Break The Oath
  • Lord Of The Abyss
    Necromantia (RIP Makis aka Baron Blood) • Crossing The Fiery Path