Megawatt Mayhem – Episode January 12, 2020

Episode 1600-64 (164 / 1018) The 10th Annual 'year-in-Review' panel congregates to discuss, dissect and disagree on the year that was 2019


  • The Coldest Year
    Atlas Pain • Tales Of A Pathfinder
  • Brothers Of Metal
    Manowar • Louder Than Hell
  • Boneshaker
    Airborne (The Baron's Pick) • Boneshakler
  • 111-The Number Of The Angels (Evan's pick)
    Freedom Call • M.E.T.A.L.
  • The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom (Power Metal Mike's pick)
    Sabaton • The Great War
  • A Paradigm Of Beauty (The Necronaut's pick)
    Schammasch • Hearts Of No Light
  • Heavy Metal Lover (The Baron's pick)
    The Darkness • Easter Is Cancelled
  • This Isn't Love (Evan's pick)
    Work Of Art • Exhibits
  • Scars Of A Generation (Power Metal Mike's pick)
    Hammerfall • Dominion
  • A Storm Before A Fiery Dawn (The Necronaut's pick)
    Midnight Odyssey • Biolume Part 1 - In Tartarean Chains
  • Risko On Riskilla Ruma (JP's weird/cool pick of 2019)
    Raskasta Iskelmaa • Raskasta Iselmaa
  • I Ain't Buying What You're Selling (The Baron's pick)
    Steel Panther • Heavy Metal Rules
  • Dawn Of The DragonStar (Evan's pick)
    Twilight Force • Dawn Of The DragonStar
  • Extreme Paranoia (Power Metal Mike's pick)
    Crystal Eyes • Starbourne Traveller
  • Dämonisch Im Ersten Blitz (The Necronaut's pick)
    Bethlehem • Lebe Dich Leer
  • A Thousand Year's (The Baron's pick)
    Blaze • Live In France
  • Cry Out For A Hero (Evan's pick)
    Beast In Black • From Hell With Love
  • The Devil's Path (Power Metal Mike's pick)
    Iron Fire • Beyond The Void
  • The Ardour Of Autumn Part I (The Necronaut's pick)
    Lustre • Another Time, Another Place (Chapter One)
  • Like A Virgin (The Baron's disappointment of 2019)
    Motley Crue • The Dirt (OST)
  • Hootsforce (Evan's pick)
    Gloryhammer • Legends From Beyond The Galactic TerrorVortex
  • The Calling (Power Metal Mike's pick)
    Age Of Artemis • Monomyth
  • Beneath The Graveyard (The Necronaut's anticipation of 2020)
    Ozzy • Beneath The Graveyard