Megawatt Mayhem – Episode December 12, 2021

Program: Megawatt Mayhem

Length: 180 minutes

Episode 1764 (264 / 1118) "Killed By Death" We pay tribute to the fallen warriors of Metal, the musical heroes who died in battle in the relentless war against crappy music.


  • Gathering Of The Storm
    Armageddon • III
  • Metal Never Dies
    U.D.O. • Game Over
  • Heavy Metal Never Dies
    Hellhound • The Oath of Allegiance to The Kings Of Metal
  • Deadnight Warrior
    Children Of Bodom (RIP Alexi Laiho) • Something Wild
  • Speedway
    Warhead (RIP Pierre) • Speedway
  • Vengeance Is My Law
    Casus Belli (RIP Fotis Anagnostou) • In The Name Of The Rose
  • Too Late To Pray
    Tyrant (RIP G. Stanley Burtis) • Too Late To Pray
  • Northern Wind
    White Tiger (RIP Dave Donato) • White Tiger
  • Rod Of Iron
    Lizzy Borden (RIP Tony Matuzak) • Love You To Pieces
  • Frozen In A Voiceless Scream
    Fleshgrind (RIP Rich Lipscomb) • Destined For Defilement
  • Cronicas De La Muerte Negra
    Dantesco (RIP Eric Morales) • Dantesco
  • Bitter Loss
    Entombed (RIP L.G. Petrov) • Left Hand Path
  • Satanic Rejoice
    Ancient Rites (RIP Walter Van Cortenberg) • The Diabolic Serenades
  • Fight
    Metalium (RIP Lars Ratz) • Millennium Metal: Chapter I
  • 3:00 Am Eternal
    Warrior (RIP Rob Farr) • The Wars Of Gods And Men
  • Lucifer's Hammer
    Warlord (RIP William /Tsamis) • Deliver Us
  • As Blood Rains From The Sky, We Walk The Path Of Endless Fire
    Fleshcrawl (RIP Sven Gross) • As Blood Rains From The Sky, We Walk The Path Of Endless Fire
  • Let It Ride
    Skid Row (RIP Johnny Solinger) • RPM
  • Madman In The Attic
    Dianno (RIP Paulo Turin) • Nomad
  • Turn On The Night
    Kiss (RIP Gary Corbett) • Crazy Nights
  • Somebody Save Me
    Cinderella (RIP Jeff LaBarr) • Night Songs
  • The Powers That Be
    Metal Church (RIP MIke Howe) • Blessing In Disguise
  • Pray For The Dead
    Trouble (RIP Eric Wagner) • The Skull
  • Ripcord
    Tangier (RIP Gari Saint) • Four Winds
  • Camelot
    Seven Witches (RIP Brian Vincent) • Second War In Heaven
  • The Dawn Of A New Age
    Satyricon (RIP Andrea Meyer) • Nemesis Divina
  • Grippin' A Heart
    Living Death (RIP Andreas Oberhoff) • Metal Revolution