Megawatt Mayhem – Episode January 2, 2022

Program: Megawatt Mayhem

Length: 180 minutes

Episode 1767 (267 / 1121) The Witches Brew. The last show of 2021 was delayed for technical reasons and so we ran it on Jan 2! It is a fun mixed bag of cover tunes, live songs, joke tunes and more! Happy New Year!


  • Gathering Of The Storm
    Armageddon • III
  • We Are Metalheads
    Doro • Wacken Hyme
  • Army Of The Metalheads
    Sacred Steel • Wargods Of Steel
  • Raining Blood (Slayer cover)
    Orion's Reign • The Bonus Sessions
  • The Dragon Lies Bleeding (Hammerfall cover)
    Galladorn • Single
  • Ton Of Bricks (Metal Church cover)
    Burning Point • 25 Years Of Metal Addiction
  • No Prayer For The Dying (Iron Maiden cover)
    Elvenking • 25 Years Of Metal Addiction
  • Like A Prayer (Madonna cover)
    Deaf Rat • 25 Years Of Metal Addiction
  • They Don't Care About Us (Michael Jackson cover)
    Beast In Black • Dark Connection
  • Take This Torch (Razor cover)
    Deceased • Thrash Times At Ridgemont High
  • Revolution (Beatles cover)
    Enuff Z' Nuff • Hardrock Nite
  • Calling All Girls (Eyes cover)
    Jeff Scott Soto • The Duets Collection Vol 1.
  • High Voltage (AC/DC cover)
    Electric Frankenstein • Best of AC/DC
  • Money For Nothing (Dire Straights cover live)
    Gus G. • Quantum Leap
  • Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Black Sabbath cover live)
    Death Angel • The Bastard Tracks
  • No More Lies (Live)
    The Unity • The Devil You Know Live
  • The Head Of The Nail (Live)
    Vardis • 100 MPH @ the 100 MPH club
  • Black And Huge (Live)
    GWAR • Scumdogs XXX Live
  • The Wolf Bites Back (Live)
    Orange Goblin • Rough n' Ready, Live n' Loud
  • Reign Of Fire (Live)
    Armored Saint • Symbol Of Salvation Live
  • Medieval Nightmares (demo)
    Armored Saint • Symbol Of Salvation Live
  • Breeding The Spawn (Live)
    Suffocation • Live In North America
  • Kingdom Of Heaven (Live)
    Epica • Omega Live
  • Hell Dwells In Ice (Bonus track / Helevorn)
    Behemoth • Sventevith:Storming The Baltic (Reissue)
  • Slaves To Abysmal Perversity
    Dead • You Will Never Know Pleasure Until You've Tasted Pain (25th anniversary reissue)
  • Phenix
    Sentenced • Amok (reissue)
  • Miracle (Unreleased bonus track)
    Narnia • Soli Deo Gloria (25th anniversary best of)
  • Land Of Broken Hearts
    Royal Hunt • Land Of Broken Hearts (reissue)
  • Pegasus War suite (Instrumental)
    Sammy Berell • Beyond The Veil
  • Red Blooded Hellraiser
    David Reece • Blacklist Utopia
  • Fantastic Fanatic
    Anette Olzen • Strong
  • Williwaw: A Musical tribute to Nightwish
    Coronatus • Atmopshere