Megawatt Mayhem – Episode April 24, 2022

Program: Megawatt Mayhem

Length: 180 minutes

Episode 1782 (282 / 1136) Cities Of Metal-Part V New York! We entertain and delight you with a fine selection of Hard Rock and Metal songs about the great city of New York!


  • The Edge Of Infinity
    Lunatica • The Edge Of Infinity
  • Metal City
    Raven • Metal City
  • Metal City
    Virgin Steele • Guardians Of The Flame
  • New York
    Thor • Steam Clock
  • New York
    Warnot • His Blood Is Yours
  • New York City
    Rankelson • Hungry For Blood
  • New York City...Devil's Playground
    Bronx Casket Company • Antihero
  • New York City Streets
    Bodine • Bodine
  • Uptown New York City
    Overdose • Two Wheels & Gone
  • New York City Rocks
    Metalifier • Heavy Metal Life
  • New York Groove
    Ace Frehley • Ace Frehley
  • Five Bucks In New York City
    Mad Dog • Mad Dog
  • New York Dreams In The Night
    Cemetery Porter • Dark Knight
  • Black Out New York
    Zenith • Prisoner
  • New York Breakdown
    Arrow • Heavy Metal Mania
  • Escape From New York
    Endseeker • Mount Carcass
  • Escape From New York
    Merciless Attack • Back To Violence
  • The Keg That Crushed New York
    Striker • Road Warrior
  • I Bomb New York
    Villainizer • I Bomb New York
  • Ground Zero New York City
    Hades • The Downside
  • New York New York
    Devin Townsend • Various Artists: Sin;Atra
  • New York New York
    Acid Drinkers • Fishdick Zwei: The Dick Is Rising Again
  • New York Woman
    Burning Starr • Blaze Of Glory
  • New York City Blues
    Jack Starr • A Minor Disturbance
  • New York New York
    Manitoba's Wild Kingdom • ...And You?
  • New York City Blues
    Doro • Powerful Passionate Favourites
  • New York Stoner
    Avalanch • Malefic Time Apocalypse
  • Gangs Of New York
    Civil War • The Last Full Measure
  • New York City Don't Mean Nothing
    Savatage • Streets: A Rock Opera
  • New York City Run
    Black Dragon • Intoxication
  • New York Skies
    Mortification • Relentless
  • Here Comes The New York Night
    Thor • Demos & Lost Treasures
  • New York City Always Reminds Me
    Agoraphobic Nosebleed • Honky Reduction
  • New York City Rally
    M.O.D. • Rhythm Of Fear
  • New York Minute
    Jorn • Heavy Rock Radio II