Megawatt Mayhem – Episode May 8, 2022

Program: Megawatt Mayhem

Length: 180 minutes

Episode 1784 (284 / 1138) 'The Witches Brew' A mixed cauldron of reissues, solo albums, live albums, EP's, cover tunes, acoustic songs, demos, remakes and more! Dive in!


  • The Edge Of Infinity
    Lunatica • The Edge Of Infinity
  • Metal Snack
    Wasted • The Haunted House
  • Metal Message
    Celtic Hills • Huldufolk
  • Us, Dark, Invincible (Coming to Town)
    Cradle Of Filth • Existence Is Futile
  • Hit Me Like A Brick (solo album)
    James LaBrie • Beautiful Shade Of Grey
  • Heartbreak City (solo album)
    Zinny Zan • Lullibies for The Masses
  • On Wings Of Carnage (solo album)
    Corpsegrinder • Corpsegrinder
  • Absolute Power (solo album)
    Speckmann Project • Fiends Of Emptiness
  • Take Me to The 80's
    Reckless • T.M.T.T.80's
  • Turborider
    Reckless Love • Turborider
  • Rising Tide (solo)
    Ronnie Atkins • Make It Count
  • Eyes Of The Woods (solo)
    Ronnie Le Tekro • Bigfoot TV
  • Play The Game Tonight (cover tune)
    Ronnie Romero • Raised On Radio
  • Feeding The Fire (reissue)
    Edge Of Forever • Feeding The Fire
  • Velocitized (reissue)
    Mecca • Mecca
  • Flesh From Bone (new EP)
    Vio-lence • Let The World Burn
  • Fireclown (Re-recording)
    Tygers Of Pan-Tang • A New Heartbeat
  • Army Of One (Re-recording)
    Annihilator • Metal II
  • Sky Turned Red (demo)
    Atrocity • Unspoken Names
  • No, We Don't Want To Do A Charity Comp On Your Stupid Fucking Label
    Fluids • Fluids Of Death II
  • Disease Of The Undead (Supergroup)
    Gangs Of Old Ladies • Disease Of The Undead
  • Cosmic Wave
    Gia G • Cosmic Wave
  • Black Undertow (Live)
    Evergrey • Live: Before The Aftermath
  • The Promised Land (Live)
    Signum Regis • Made In Switzerland
  • Hold The Heathen Hammer High (Live)
    Tyr • A Night At The Nordic House
  • Crank It Up (bonus demo track)
    Overdrive • Swords & Axes
  • Curse The Night (bonus demo track)
    Savage Grace • Master Of Disguise
  • Excess Marks The Spot (reissue)
    Shark Island • S'cool Bus
  • Symphony for The Dead (reissue)
    Therion • Beyond Sanctorum
  • Don't Say A Word (Acoustic)
    Sonata Arctica • Acoustic Adventures Volume I
  • Requiem (Acoustic)
    Trouble • One For The Road/Unplugged