Megawatt Mayhem – Episode June 12, 2022

Program: Megawatt Mayhem

Length: 180 minutes

Episode 1789 'Primal Metal Genesis'. An in-depth look at the very earliest Heavy Metal specialty records labels. The early roots of Earache, Noise, Metal Blade and more!


  • The Edge Of Infinity
    Lunatica • The Edge Of Infinity
  • Metal Messiah
    Pegazus • In Metal We Trust
  • Metal Messiah
    Great Kat • Worship Me Or Die!
  • All Riot Now
    Handsome Beasts • All Riot Now (Heavy Metal Records)
  • All I Want Is To Be Your Romeo
    Motorway • All I Want Is To Be Your Romeo (Neat Records)
  • Getting Higher
    The Rods • U.S. Metal Volume I (Shrapnel Records)
  • High Speed On Ice
    Talas • Sink Your Teeth Into That (Combat Records)
  • Rock Fever
    Ostrogoth • Full Moon's Eye's (Mausoleum Records)
  • Under The Blade
    Twisted Sister • Under The Blade (RoadRunner Records)
  • Screaming After Midnight
    Railway • Railway (RoadRunner Records)
  • Rock 'N Roll Tonight
    Bow Wow • Asian Volcano (VAP)
  • Cold Day In Hell
    Steeler • Metal Massacre Vol I (Metal Blade Records)
  • Live for The Whip
    Bitch • Damnation Alley (Metal Blade Records)
  • Metal Melts The Ice
    Jag Panzer • Jag Panzer (Azra Records)
  • Die Hard
    Venom • Die Hard (MegaForce Records)
  • Jump In The Fire
    Metallica • Kill 'Em All (MegaForce Records)
  • Children Of The Storm
    Virgin Steele • Virgin Steele (Music For Nations)
  • Chains And Leather
    Running Wild • Rock From Hell German Metal Attack (Noise Records)
  • And The Devil Dances
    Mystery Blue • Mystery Blue (AxeKIller Records)
  • Master Of Disguise
    Savage Grace • Master Of Disguise (Black Dragon Records)
  • Hades
    Bathory • Bathory (Black Mark Records)
  • Nighttime Is Wild
    Vyper • Prepared To Strike (Greenworld)
  • Human Sacrifice
    Piledriver • Metal Inquisition (Cobra Records)
  • Breakin' All The Rules
    Hardware • Common Time Heroes (SPV/Steamhammer Records)
  • When Gods Collide
    Thor • Only The Strong (Viper Records)
  • Gates Of Eternity
    CJSS • World Gone Mad (Leviathan Records)