Music Eats Its Young – Episode March 10, 2016


  • The Pasture
    Elephant Revival • Elephant Revival
  • Lean In
    Rising Appalachia, featuring Maurice Turner • Rising Appalachia
  • Fearless
    Hope Medford • Purify
  • Real Thang Virgin Magnetic Material Remix
    Erykah Badu • Virgin Magnetic Material Remix
  • Get It On Virgin Magnetic Material Remix
    T.Rex • Virgin Magnetic Material Remix
  • Tangerine GIrl
    Asher Roth • Retro Hash
  • Northern Girls
    Belleruche • Northern Girls
  • Morning Coffee
    Dimaa • Out Of Time
  • Lost and Looking
    M. Rux • Sam Cooke Vs. Kalabrese
  • Southern Man
    Merry Clayton • Merry Clayton
  • The Mourning Sun
    Chinese Man, featuring jeru the damaja • Remix With The Sun
  • Racing With The Sun
    Chinese Man, featuring Delux • Remixing With The Sun
  • Int'l Blues Players Anthem
    Amerigo Gazaway, featuring Outkast and Eric Clapton • The Trill Is Gone
  • Lil' Ghetto Woman
    Amerigo Gazaway, featuring Lil' Wayne and Mariena Shaw • The Trill Is Gone
  • In A Silent Way
    Miles Davis • In A Silent Way
  • It's About That TIme
    Miles Davis • In A Silent Way
  • Move Fast
    Sc Mira • Waiting Room Baby
  • Apparation
    Laura Reznek • Who Came Before Us
  • Breeds Life
    Quiet One • Quiet One
  • It Is What It is
    Blood Orange • Blood Orange
  • Anything
    Tops • Tops