My Allergy to the Fans – Episode October 23, 2015


  • n/a
    Bob Hannon • n/a
  • The Chimp and The BumbleBee
    John McFarland • CJSW FD Mix
  • Chocolate Money
    Coconut Coolouts • n/a
  • The Monkey
    Dave Bartholomew • CJSW FD Monkey Mix
  • Monkey Man
    Gene Burke • CJSW FD Monkey Mix
  • George of the Jungle
    TV Theme • CJSW FD Monkey Mix
  • Chicken Reel
    Les Paul • CJSW FD Chicken Mix
  • 5-piece Chicken Dinner
    Beastie Boys • CJSW FD Chicken Mix
  • Wicked Chicken
    Duck Flowers • CJSW FD Chicken Mix
  • Chicken Back Twist
    Chelio • CJSW FD Chicken Mix
  • Every MOnkey Should Go To School
    n/a • CJSW FD Monkey Mix
  • The Monkey's Uncle
    The Beach Boys and Annette Funicello • CJSW FD Monkey Mix
  • The Monkees
    The Monkees • CJSW FD Monkey Mix
  • 16 Chickens
    The Buckshot Show TV Theme • CJSW FD Chicken Mix
  • Fortune Tellin' Chicken
    Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet • CJSW FD Chicken Mix
  • Monkey On You
    Von Zippers • CJSW FD Monkey Mix
  • Brass Monkey
    Beastie Boys • CJSW FD Monkey Mix
  • Space Woman
    Herman's Rocket • CJSW FD Space Mix
  • Another Girl, Another Planet
    The Only Ones • n/a
  • Surfin' Bird
    The Ramones • CJSW FD Chicken Mix