My Socialist Choir – Episode March 13, 2019

I'd still rather be a picket than a scab — our tribute to the Great Strike.


  • Devil In The Deep
    Abigail Lapell • Getaway
  • Everybody's Gotta Go Sometime
    Beau Weevils • Songs in the Key of E
  • Dead to Me
    Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton • Been On Your Side
  • You can run!
    Veranda • Woodland Waltz
  • Cotillion Du Capitaine
    Le Vent Du Nord • Territoires
  • Marguerite
    Trundled • Notes From the Underground
  • The Ballad of '84
    Dick Gaughan • True and Bold
  • Fitzwilliam
    Chumbawamba • Dig This: A Tribute to the Great Strike
  • Strike
    Keith LeBlanc • The Enemy Within
  • The Red Flag
    Tyneside People's Choir • Which Side Are You On
  • The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies
    Pete Wylie • The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies!
  • Blackleg Miner
    Offa Rex • The Queen of Hearts
  • I Fight for the Union
    PP Slaggart • Down with the Tyrants
  • Come All You Gallant Colliers
    Ewan MacColl • Lifeworks
  • They'll Never Keep Us Down
    Hazel Dickens • Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People
  • Never Cross a Picket Line
    Billy Bragg • Billy Bragg, Vol. 3
  • 1913 Massacre
    Woody Guthrie • Hobo's Lullaby
  • Into the Darkness
    Joe Vickers • Valley Home
  • The Judas Bus
    Jez Lowe • The Radio Ballads: The Ballad of the Miners' Strike
  • Iron Hand
    Dire Straits • On Every Street
  • Miners Medley
    The Country Pickets • Which Side Are You On
  • Arthur Scargill's Barnet
    Frank Kelly • The Best of Frank Kelly
  • Whine and Grine / Stand Down Margaret
    The English Beat • I Just Can't Stop It
  • Orgreave
    John Tams • The Radio Ballads: The Ballad of the Miners' Strike
  • Margaret On the Guillotine
    Morrissey • Viva Hate