My Socialist Choir – Episode May 15, 2019

In honour of the Winnipeg General Strikers — workers of the world unite, now and always.


  • Heading North
    Lydia Hol • Heading North
  • The Lion of Lonesome Valley
    M.E. Netzke • Geranium, Vol. 1
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
    The Garrys • Warm Buds
  • In The Midst Of Blue And Green
    Leif Vollebekk • Inland
  • Little Black Star
    Hurray For The Riff Raff • Look Out Mama
  • I Quit My Job
    Old Man Luedecke • Hinterland
  • Drinking Games
    Library Voices • Denim On Denim
  • Tangled Up
    Citizen Jane • Tangled Up
  • Far Out
    King Mono • Tummy Touch Melted Summer
  • Peter Psittacosaurus
    Paul Otteson • Dinocore
  • Grains
    Bonobo • Migration
  • Hold On, Hold On
    Neko Case • Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
  • Hot Ashes
    Jordan Klassen • Tempest and Winter
  • Broken Friends
    Wax Mannequin • Saxon
  • Carrying On
    Kacy & Clayton • Carrying On
  • The Emperor's Clothes
    Workman Song • The Emperor's Clothes
  • One Great City!
    The Weakerthans • Reconstruction Site
  • The Great Unrest
    Washington Irving • August 1914
  • Which Side are You On?
    The Almanac Singers • Talking Union and Other Union Songs
  • Solidarity Forever
    Joe Glazer • Textile Voices: Songs and Stories of the Textile Mills
  • I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister
    Barbara Dane • I Hate the Capitalist System
  • Dump the Bosses Off Your Back
    Utah Phillips, Ani DiFranco • We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years
  • We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years
    Folk This! • Banks of Marble
  • Workers of the World Unite!
    The Last Internationale • Workers of the World Unite!
  • Blueprints for Our Failed Revolution
    The Ruffled Feathers • Oracles
  • People Need A Melody
    The Head and the Heart • People Need A Melody
  • Marigolds
    Kishi Bashi • Marigolds