My Socialist Choir – Episode August 21, 2019


  • Left and Leaving
    Reuben and the Dark • Cover Art: Calgary Folk Music Festival
  • Mr. Monster
    KP Smith • She Reads Maps
  • Where the Water Run Black
    Murder Murder • From the Stillhouse
  • Gracias a La Vida
    Lindi Ortega • Liberty
  • Boats
    Lydia Hol • Boats
  • John Paul Jones is a Pirate
    The Longest Johns • Written in Salt
  • A Pound a Week Rise
    Liz Carroll, John Doyle • Double Play
  • Ballad of Accounting
    Ewan Maccoll, Peggy Seeger • Folkways Record of Contemporary Songs
  • Long Dark Hallelujah
    Beth Bombara • Raise Your Flag
  • The Devil's Nine Questions
    Jayme Stone • Lomax Project
  • Such a Thing as Society
    Ewan McLennan, George Monbiot • Breaking the Spell of Loneliness
  • Comrades
    Rodney Cromwell • Comrades
  • Speak When You're Spoken To
    The Spook School • Try to be Hopeful
  • Lions After Slumber
    The Veils • Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
  • Robin Hood
    Mekons • So Good It Hurts
  • The World Upside Down
    Chumbawamba • English Rebel Songs, 1381-1984
  • Inform — Educate — Entertain
    Public Service Broadcasting • Inform — Educate — Entertain
  • Song on the Times
    Mawkin • The Ties That Bind
  • The Dust of St. Peter's Field
    Quiet Loner • The Battle for the Ballot
  • Rise Like Lions
    Death Will Tremble to Take Us • Death Will Tremble to Take Us
  • Pale Horse
    John Vanderslice • Cellar Door
  • The World's Great Age
    John Webster with Brindaband • Percy Bysshe Shelley: Rock Star
  • Rise
    Lions After Slumber • Now That We're Up Here...
  • That's Entertainment
    The Jam • Sound Affects
  • We Won't Lie Down
    The Mather Robinson Band • A Carousel for Fools
  • Life with the Lions
    Billy Bragg • Workers Playtime
  • The Song of the Lower Classes
    Martin Carthy • Out of the Cut
  • Tom Paine's Bones
    The Trials of Cato • Hide and Hair
  • 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
    100 Mile House • Cover Art: Calgary Folk Music Festival