New Horizons – Episode January 7, 2024

Join Steve once again for a stroll through the musical magic of THE WOODS. Looks like today's path is taking us back in time to Canada in the early to mid 2000s. Tilt your trucker cap sideways and let's do this!


  • Windsurfing Nation
    Broken Social Scene • Broken Social Scene
  • One Evening
    Feist • Let It Die
  • Energy Of Death
    Apostle of Hustle • Folkloric Feel
  • Middle of Nowhere
    Hot Hot Heat • Elevator
  • Rip The Universe
    Reverie Sound Revue • Reverie Sound Revue
  • I Don't Know How To Fix The Damn Thing Blues
    Falconhawk • Hotmouth
  • Modern Music
    Black Mountain • Black Mountain
  • Use It
    The New Pornographers • Twin Cinema
  • Don't Walk Away Eileen
    Sam Roberts Band • We Were Born In A Flame
  • Soft Revolution
    Stars • Set Yourself On Fire
  • Through the Rads
    Hayden • Elk-Lake Serenade
  • Living Room
    Tegan and Sara • If It Was You
  • Lost in the Plot
    The Dears • No Cities Left
  • Submarines Always Dive
    No Museums • The Lighter Darker Age
  • Past Lives
    Diamondtown • Future Plans
  • Frequencies
    Fake Palms • Heavy Paranoia
  • Winter Lining
    Kue Varo & The Only Hopes • Cowboy Witchcraft