Noise – Episode June 15, 2017

Mandi plays you some chill and some not-so-chill experimental tracks. Enjoy!


  • Here Time Turns Into Space
    Love Puppets • Love Puppets
  • Portrait of the Guitarist as Young Drum
    Adrian Belew • The Guitar as Orchestra
  • Library
    thermodynamics • Live From Edmonton (Hockey Night)
  • Hear In Now
    Hear in Now • Not Living in Fear
  • Condensation
    Barn Owl and the Infinite Strings Ensemble • The Headlands
  • Ivy; Reprise
    Christopher. • James
  • Ghost On My Wall
    Linear Downfall • Sufferland
  • We Are the Way We Are Because Nature Will Allow It
    Alain Lefebvre • We Are the Way We Are Because Nature Will Allow It
  • These Words Make Up the Lyrics of the Song
    People • 3 x a Woman: The Misplaced Files
  • I Dreamt of Reaching Space, But Couldn't Calculate the Escape Velocity for Reality
    An Ant And An Atom • Exterior
  • Daybreak in Alabama
    Eric Mingus, David Amram, Larry Simon, Groove Bacteria • Langston Hughes - The Dream Keeper
  • Liminoid Part III
    Aidan Baker • Liminoid/Lifeforms
  • Moonchild Including the Dream and The Illusion
    Velvet Glacier, Hazy Montagne Mystique • Le Retour des Rois
  • It Was Late And We Watched the Motel Burn
    Mary Lattimore • Collected Pieces