Noise – Episode June 29, 2017

Test Pattern by Laura Reid and Nate Waters present Rebecca Bruton; Happy Canada Day- all Canadian artists, some of my favorites


  • Test Pattern Special- In Process
    Rebecca Bruton • Test Pattern
  • tangled grass
    Rebecca Flood • pointes under darkness
  • Glacier 2
    Jessica Moss • Pools of Light
  • A River Runs Through It
    Esmerine • Lost Voices
  • Light of Mercy
    Saltland • A Common Truth
  • Let's Carve Forever Together
    Fond of Tigers • Release the Saviours
  • Cold Hearts
    Tomato Tomato • the Letter
  • Interlude #2
    LaConnor • LaConnor
  • Lau Ridyou Bil Hijaz
    Jerusalem in My Heart • If He dies If If If If
  • Not Be Alright
    Mary Margaret O'Hara, Peggy Lee • Beautiful Tool
  • Stream of consciousness
    Alfiara Quartet and DJ Scratch Bastid • Spin Cycle
  • The Trappings
    Depatterning • The Liminal Farm
  • Pause
    Veda Hille • Here is a picture
  • A Weaker One
    The Henrys • Quiet Industry
  • Hero Brother
    Sarah Neufield • You are the Field
  • I couldn't Love you More
    The Reveries • Mtchmakers Vol 2 The Music ofSade