Noise – Episode August 3, 2017

Guests Nipple Puppet (Mark Fleischhaker and Tim Middleton) raise the joy, Song for the Whales lower it, and sad to say goodbye to Bern Nix.


  • Bra Vibrator
    Nipple Puppet • Nipple Puppet
  • Take That
    Nipple Puppet • Auditory Expressionist Experience
  • Mannequin Motorboat
    Nipple Puppet • Auditory Expressionist Experience
  • Pick it, Pick It, Pick It
    Nipple Puppet • Nipple Puppet
  • Mark Sings Karaoke
    Mark Fleischhaker • Self release
  • Whale Sounds
    Whale Sounds • Sound of the Giants
  • Song for the Whales
    Old And New Dreams • Old and New Dreams
  • Voice Poetry
    Ornette Coleman/ Bern Nix- Prime Time • Body Meta
  • Low Barometer
    Bern Nix • Low Barometer
  • Happy Hour
    Ornette Coleman/Bern Nix/ Prime Time • Virgin Beauty
  • Z Jam Blues
    Bern Nix Trio • Alarms and Excursions