Noise – Episode December 21, 2017

Seasonal songs, happy winter solstice, hear comes the sun, hear comes the moon, hear comes the light. May there be peace and love throughout


  • Christmas
    George Cartwright's Gloryland Ponycat • Black Ants Crawling
  • 12 months of trump's mss (12 days of christmas)
    Parody Project • Parody project
  • Sunshine in Chicago
    Sun Kil Moon • Amoung the Leaves
  • Sol Na Cara
    Vinicius Cantuaria • Sol Na Cara
  • To The sun
    Chikiss • New Season
  • Sun Against the Sky
    Colleen • Les Ondes Silencieuses
  • Warriors of the Sun
    Pauline Anna Strom • Trans-Millenia Music
  • Francios Couture
    Francois Couture • Neige
  • Mornings
    Valiska • On Pause
  • Light and Day/ Reach for the Sun
    Polyphonic Spree • The Beginning Stages
  • Fiji Crystals At Sunrise
    Canada Effervescent • Ridin' America
  • Looking at the Sun
    My Brightest Diamond • This is my Hand
  • One Moment in the Sun
    Curved Light • Quartzsite
  • One hour was Sunlit
    Ian Willaim Craig • A Forgetting Place
  • Fear of the unknown and the Blazing Sun
    Colin Stetson • New History of Warfare
  • The Sun
    Alice Coltrane • A Monastic Trio
  • Sun Star
    John Coltrane • Stellar Regions
  • Solar Symbols 11
    Sun Ra • Space Probe: A tonal View of Times Tomorrow
  • Improvisations on the Sunset
    Cris Derksen • Orchestral Pow Wow