Noise – Episode February 7, 2019

Music hoping that things will be alright! What's happening with Kermit Driscoll?


  • Alberta Clipper
    Land's End Chamber Ensemble, Kelly Marie Murphy • Pulling the Light
  • Some Song and Dance
    Bill Frisell • Before We were Born
  • Have A Little Faith in Me
    Bill Frisell • Have a Little Faith
  • I don't Want to Grow up
    Petra Haden and Bill Frisell • Petra Haden and Bill Frisell
  • Chocolate Jesus
    Tom Waits • Mule Variations
  • Sun Salutation
    Adam Rudolph • Turning Towards the Light
  • Enter the Forbidden Space
    Merzbow and Alec Empire • Live @CBGBs 1998
  • Song for Nico
    Fukuoka Rinji, Michel Henritzi • Desert Moon
  • Hi Ka Ri
    Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda • KE I TE KI
  • Mono, Ontario
    Jon Neher, Michael Scott Dawson • Nothing Is On Fire
  • Abraco
    Suba • Sao Paulo Confessions
  • For James Tenney
    Wayne Horvitz • The Snowghost Sessions
  • Cause B
    Fond of Tigers • Fond of Tigers
  • The Buzz
    Retro Cartoon Raccoon • Monovista A1 - G2 Sessions
  • Portrait I/Tam Tam in Timia
    Fred Frith • Middle of the Moment
  • Waiting for God
    Fred Frith • Imur 11
  • Not Be Alright
    Mary Margaret O'Hara, Peggy Lee • Beautiful Tool