Noise – Episode June 27, 2019

Profile on Banff Summer Festival, Alvin Lucier, Tyshawn Sorey, Matana Roberts, Liza Lim, Aiyun Huang....Plus new releases


  • Two Circles
    Alvin Lucier • Two Circles
  • Music for Pure Waves, Bass Drums And Acoustic Pendulums
    Alvin Lucier • Sferics
  • Coda Variations Part 2
    Alvin Lucier • Almost New York
  • Small Waves
    Alvin Lucier • Navigation for Strings
  • Viola
    Alvin Lucier • Still and Moving Lines of Silence
  • A Tribute to James Tenney Part V
    Alvin Lucier • Wind Shadows
  • How Forests Think III Pollen
    Liza Lim • How Forests Think
  • Six Japanese Gardens for Percussion
    Kaija Saariaho, Aiyun Huang • Six Japanese Gardens for Percussion
  • Leveled
    Tyshawn Sorey • That/Not
  • Dreamer of Dreams
    Matana Roberts • Coin Coin Volume 3: River Run Thee
  • Ply
    Corinthian/Carbolizer/Wish Lash • Descension/Ascension
  • Euphoria Paranoia
    Dame Cook • Palisades
  • Rose City
    Formality vs. Reality • Formality vs. Reality
  • Eternal
    Holly Herdon • PROTO
  • If It Pleased Me to Appear to You Wrapped...
    Sarah Davachi • Pale Bloom