Noise – Episode November 26, 2020

84 minutes

Special Simulcast premier on noise and You Tube with Carmen Braden's piece "The Culture of Isolation" performed by Duo Beija Flor, Marie-Nöelle Choquette (flute)and Charles Hobson (guitar) Plus new Canadian music


  • The Culture of Isolation
    Duo Beija Flor, Carmen • Live Premier
  • First Snowfall
    Carmen Braden • Raven
  • Raven Conspiracy- 1. Sticks and Bones
    Carmen Braden • Songs of the Invisible Summer Stars
  • Havana Street Parade
    Duo Beija Flor, Roddy Elias • -
  • Suite Concertante
    Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra, Farshid Samandari • In The Key Of The World
  • City of Mountains
    Various Artists, Christa Belle • AUDIO: An Experimental Noise Compilation
  • Quince
    Jeffrey Ryan • My Soul Upon My Lips
  • Forward Again
    Markus Floats • Third Album
  • Dec 4
    Matthew Cardinal • Asterisms
  • Chiesa di San Viglio
    Charles Spearin & Josefin Runsteen • Thank God, The Plague Is Over