Noise – Episode January 21, 2021

90 minutes

Music for a Troubled World, be happy and healthy out there! Thanks to Jack for the beautiful postcard, you made me happy.


  • If We Are Going To Have Hope
    Bravery In Battle • -
  • Down The Mountain
    Ingrid Laubrock • Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt
  • Chant For the Multipresence
    Trondheim Voices, Helge Sten, Stàle Storløkken • Folklore
  • Echo Chamber 3.0
    Trondheim Voices, Maja Ratke • Echo Chamber 3.0
  • Coping with A Troubled World
    Frank Horvat • Happiness in A Troubled World
  • Hope, Optimism, and Resilience
    Frank Horvat • Happiness in a Troubled World
  • The Follies and Fatuity of Henrich
    Mark Limacher • Things That Seemed Important At The Time
  • 12-03
    Sarah Houston • In Time
  • Jan 8
    Matthew Cardinal • Asterisms
  • My Favorite Things
    Alice Coltrane • World Galaxy
  • Pasjoli
    Carl Stone • Stolen Car
  • Consequences
    Vinny Golia, John Hanrahan, Henry Kaiser, Henry Peet, Mike Watt • A Love Supreme Electric