Noise – Episode February 18, 2021

90 minutes

Sending my best to all who have suffered illness for themselves or death in their families during this pandemic. Special on Chick Corea and Milford Graves who died this February. Thank you for the music, my life was changed because of you.


  • Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
    Miles Davis/ Chick Corea • Bitches Brew
  • Return To Forever
    Chick Corea • Return To Forever
  • Children's Song No 6
    Chick Corea/ Gary Burton • Crystal Silence
  • Solo Continuum 86
    Chick Corea • Complete Chick Corea Solo
  • Table Suite
    Giuseppi Logan/ Milford Graves • The Giuseppi Logan Quartet
  • Black Woman
    Sonny Sharrock/Milford Graves • Black Woman
  • Ultimate High Priest
    Milford Graves/ David Murray • Real Deal
  • Grand Unification
    Milford Graves • Grand Unification
  • The Stone
    Milford Graves and Bill Laswell • The Stone ( Back In No Time)
  • Sonnet 49
    Amanda Tosoff • Earth Voices
  • Welt
    Dan Fortin • The Latest Tech
  • Duality
    Laplace • Return On Energy
  • Recorder
    François Houle • Recoder