Noise – Episode August 12, 2021

Remembering Afghanistan as the Taliban takes control of Kandahar, Afghani musicians, looking back at the 1990s, and then new Canadian and local tracks.


  • Can You Hear God Crying: Veil One
    Hannibal Lokumbe, Homayun Sakhi • Can You Hear God Crying
  • Rangin Kaman
    Kronos Quartet, Homayun Sakhi • A Thousand Thoughts
  • Kataghani
    Homayun Sakhi • Music of Central Asia Vol. 3: Homayun Sakhi: The Art of the Afghan Rubâb
  • Bass Work
    Salar Nadar • Live in San Francisco
  • Khanum Gul
    Farhad Darya • Khanum Gul
  • The Ghost You Love the Most
    Qais Essar • The Ghost You Love the Most
  • Khyber Sound
    Naujawanan Baidar • Volume 1
  • Sorcerer
    Michael Shrieve • Two Doors
  • Saut-e-Sarmad
    Jonas Hellborg • The Word
  • Stella
    Michael Shrieve • Two Doors
  • Sex Fiend
    Wayne Horvitz and Zony Mash • Cold Spell
  • Monad Mirror
    Colin Fisher • Reflections of the Invisible World
  • Your Air Smells Like Cinnamon
    Jeremy Young • Amaro
  • Four
    Laura Reid & Mark Limacher • Temporarily Yours
  • The Journey of Connection
    Kathryn Patricia • The Space Between Us EP
  • Aura
    loscil • Clara