Noise – Episode December 16, 2021

Program: Noise

Length: 90 minutes

Tributes to experimental sound artist Alvin Lucier, and to Greg Tate, Burnt Sugar leader and influential writer, both passed away in December 2021. Thanks for all you've done! New Canadian and Local.


  • Unplanned Escape
    Ryan Summers • Deeply Divided
  • I am Sitting in a Room
    Alvin Lucier • Two Circles
  • Nothing Is Real
    Alvin Lucier • Nothing Is Real
  • Vespers
    Alvin Lucier • Vespers and other Early Works
  • On My Mind
    Marcus Strickland Twi Life, Greg Tate • People Of the Sun
  • FlyBoy's Bardo EZ Pass
    Melvin Gibbs for Greg Tate • -
  • Spartacus Free The Slaves
    Burnt Sugar- Greg Tate • Blood on the Leaf Opus No 1
  • Me Moor Va Senet
    Eyeglass • The VOID
  • Holding onto the Past
    Zenjungle & Valiska • Years From Now
  • There's No Other Way
    Joseph Michel • SADNESS/FREEDOM
  • Microlocking III
    Saman Shahi • Microlocking