Noise – Episode April 27, 2023

Showfill by Miguel Venexen & Steve Russell @bazbombers_cjsw Exploring Neo-Classical music -- Special Tribute to Harry Belafonte (RIP)... Mixture of Local and International Classical Tracks - Promoting JazzFEST: newMUSIC and FREEjazz April 28th featuring WKO (Whitney Ota) performing Mineral Format Memory Collections + Jiajia Li and Kayra Caner +Mark DeJong and Simon Fisk. Tickets @


  • Midnight Special
    Harry Belafonte • Midnight Special
  • Antennae - Epilogue
    well, ok then. • open up soon
  • Movement V—Self-Organizing Emergent Patterns
    Sufjan Stevens • The BQE
  • Ekstasis
    Sufjan Stevens, Timo Andres, Conor Hanick • Reflections
  • Notget
    Björk • Vulnicura Strings (The Acoustic Version - Strings, Voice And Viola Organista Only)
  • Fossora
    Björk • Fossora
  • Phantom of Aleppoville
    Benjamin Clementine • I Tell a Fly
  • Learning to Say No
    Valiska • Wolf Moon EP
  • Breathe for You
    Valiska • Wolf Moon EP
  • Total Garbage
    Tim Hecker • No Highs
  • Monotony II
    Tim Hecker • No Highs
  • In Orbit
    Theo Croker • Escape Velocity
  • Passarim
    José Luiz Martins • Reflections
  • Delusional Affection
    Ahren Merz • Delusional Affection (Single)
  • Mass Lossless Interbeing
    Eluvium • (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality
  • Void Manifest
    Eluvium • (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality
  • Super Mario Bros.
    Tina Guo • Game On!
  • Scarborough Fair
    Tina Guo, Leo Z • Violoncelle Apaisant (Musique Classique)
  • Initiation Discovery
    WKO • Mineral Format Memory Collections