Now Innovating – Episode January 17, 2022

Program: Now Innovating

Length: 30 minutes

The Culture of Innovation with Dr. Stephen Larter and Jeff Ryzner

This month's episode features a conversation with Dr. Stephen Larter, PhD, and Jeff Ryzner. Stephen Larter is an Associate Vice-President (Research and Innovation) in the office of the Vice-President (Research) and a Professor of Petroleum Geology. Jeff Ryzner serves as the Innovation Program Specialist alongside Stephen. Dr. Larter says impact-related outcomes should be an important metric for universities. He also stresses the importance of researchers and innovators sharing their stories of failure. Jeff Ryzner echoes this sentiment, suggesting researchers and innovators should not fear being associated with failure. Jeff offers solutions for normalizing failure.

Dr. Stephen Larter has been a cofounder of numerous technology startup companies, including Gushor Inc. (now part of Schlumberger), and he currently advises several university-based student, postdoctoral, and faculty startups. A recipient of numerous academic and civil awards, Professor Larter is a fellow of the Royal Society, a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and a foreign member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Jeff Ryzner supports the Innovation portfolio in the Vice President (Research) office, working closely with Stephen Larter. His work contributes to growing innovation levels and achieving UCalgary's vision of becoming Canada's most entrepreneurial university.