Off The Map – Episode September 18, 2016

Upbeat tunes to celebrate the sunshine! Hang out with Kendra for an hour as she plays a mix of indie, pop, folk and everything in between!


  • Voodoo Me
    Mahaut Mondino • Voodoo Me - Single
  • Ivory Black
    Oliver Riot • Single
  • Midnights
    Beach Season • Beach Season
  • Barcelona
    Henry Green • Barcelona
  • All I Ever Need
    Caribou • Our Love
  • The Space You're Living In
    Marc Ross • Blue Sky Behind - EP
  • If I Told You That I Loved You
    Del Barber • Love Songs for the Last Twenty
  • Drag
    Day Wave • Headcase
  • I Love You Money
    Lowell • We Loved Her Dearly
  • All I Want Is To Be Your Girl
    Holly Miranda • Single
  • Texas Girls and Jesus Christ
    Trevor Sensor • Texas Girls and Jesus Christ
  • Devil's Whisper
    Raury • Devil's Whisper
  • Nobody Move
    Hanni El Khatib • Head in the Dirt
  • Big Blue Wave
    Hey Ocean! • IS