Off The Map – Episode February 24, 2019

Kendra says goodbye as she heads to London, UK for the next 2 years! Includes special guests to say farewell. :)


  • The Space You're Living In
    Marc Ross • Blue Sky Behind
  • Love is Just a Wrecking Ball
    Del Barber • Where the City Ends
  • Between the Ditches
    The North Sound • Between the Ditches
  • Motorcycles
    I am the Mountain • We're Here for Each Other
  • Hold You
    Dom Fricot • Deserts, pt. 3
  • Run
    Craig Carswell • December Songs
  • Something in the Water
    Folk Road Show • Gold
  • I Will be Happy and Hopefully You Will be too
    Stu Larsen • Resolute
  • I Will Marry You
    Mean Lady • Love Now
  • Rose Coloured Frames
    Mariel Buckley • Driving in the Dark
  • Fireworks
    First Aid Kit • First Aid Kit