Pasture Bedtime – Episode August 30, 2022


  • My Country Boy
    Mistress Mary • housewife
  • Honey Dew
    Jimmy Carter and Dallas Country Green • Summer Brings the Sunshine
  • Challenge
    Larry Phillipson, Larry Lee Trio • Talkin' to Myself
  • A Poor Lone Girl in Saskatchewan
    Anne Halderman • Folksongs of Saskatchewan
  • Stuff My Vaults
    Fiver • Soundtrack to A More Radiant Sphere: The Joe Wallace Mixtape
  • If I Had Wings
    Le Ren • Morning & Melancholia
  • Hard Times
    Carter Felker • Even the Happy Ones Are Sad
  • French Tickler
    Ethel-Ann Powell • The Elephant Patch
  • The Frying Pan
    John Prine • Diamonds in the Rough
  • Cold Creek Shout
    Pharis & Jason Romero • Tell 'Em You Were Gold
  • Ditty Wah Ditty
    Ry Cooder • Paradise And Lunch
  • Darling You're Not Mine
    Julie Durocher • Wild As A Wildcat
  • Caminconoch
    Morley Loon • Northland, My Land
  • You Look to Yours
    Colter Wall • Colter Wall