Phono Synthesis – Episode December 23, 2020

Iron Maitland guest hosting with Synth magic and other detours. Peter needs to remember that it takes longer to drive places after big snow falls :o


  • When I come to
    Chico Mann • Double Life
  • Shepherd Song (Esa & his Afro-Synth Band version)
    Keleketla! • Keleketla! Remixes
  • Who are you
    Black Sabbath • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  • World in Motion
    New Order • Single EP
  • Tremel
    Glasser • Ring
  • Why won't they talk to me?
    Tame Impala • Lonerism
  • Claudia Lewis
    M83 • Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
  • Vamono
    Buscabulla • Regresa Remixes EP
  • In My Dreams
    Kali Uchis • Isolation
  • Clouds
    Eve Parker Finley • Chrysalia
  • Diamond Flake feat Dominique Fils-Aime
    Doubleheader • Slim Wall
  • How to make you boil
    Karaoke • Blood, Piss, Religion, Pain
  • Weight of that weekend
    Land of Talk • Indistinct Conversations
  • Roller Coasters (Life is One)
    Partner • Never Give Up
  • Take on Me
    Vail Halen • Pop violence
  • Out of the Blue
    Roxy Music • Country Life
  • Golden Eyes
    Sloan • Never Hear the End of It
  • Bad Phrase
    Jeans Degrees • Valley Of The Sun
  • Time with you
    Self-Cut Bangs • Self-Cut Bangs
  • Feels like the end
    Kestrels • Dream or Don't Dream
  • Reoccurring Dreams (w 2 English fairy tales layered on top)
    Husker Du • Zen Arcade
  • Leave
    R.E.M • New Adventures in Hi-Fi
  • Heavy Moon
    Elephant Stone • S/T
  • Open up the Gates
    The High Dials • Moon Country