Poser Radio – Episode April 12, 2023

It's one of those days and what better way to deal with it than tuning in to this hodge podge of the best music you've never heard of.


  • It's All Said And Done
    Screaming Females • Desire Pathway
  • What Are the Odds
    Death Valley Girls • Islands In the Sky
  • Total Reality
    Smirk • Material
  • Under the Knife
    Out of Order • Under the Knife
  • Paranoid
    The Binz • How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots
  • Tom (H)angst
    No, Boy • Seven Years
  • The Ted Danson Plane
    You Big Idiot • Mega Donair
  • What's So Great
    Social Circkle • City Shock
  • Be Your Boy
    The New Values • The New Values
  • Libertines
    Black Love • Eponyme
  • Melt
    Spite House • Spite House
  • a girl is a knife
    boxcutter • it's more like embracing
  • Keira Hagai, I'll Be Your Boyfriend
    Terrifying Girls High School • Spooky Girls Gymnasium
  • Pay Off
    Wax Duplex • After Dark
  • Future Acknowledgement
    Citizen Rage • Pink EP
  • Trust Fall
    Alien To The Ignorant • A Dying Art