Poser Radio – Episode April 12, 2023

Program: Poser Radio

Length: 60 minutes

It's one of those days and what better way to deal with it than tuning in to this hodge podge of the best music you've never heard of.


  • It's All Said And Done
    Screaming Females • Desire Pathway
  • What Are the Odds
    Death Valley Girls • Islands In the Sky
  • Total Reality
    Smirk • Material
  • Under the Knife
    Out of Order • Under the Knife
  • Paranoid
    The Binz • How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots
  • Tom (H)angst
    No, Boy • Seven Years
  • The Ted Danson Plane
    You Big Idiot • Mega Donair
  • What's So Great
    Social Circkle • City Shock
  • Be Your Boy
    The New Values • The New Values
  • Libertines
    Black Love • Eponyme
  • Melt
    Spite House • Spite House
  • a girl is a knife
    boxcutter • it's more like embracing
  • Keira Hagai, I'll Be Your Boyfriend
    Terrifying Girls High School • Spooky Girls Gymnasium
  • Pay Off
    Wax Duplex • After Dark
  • Future Acknowledgement
    Citizen Rage • Pink EP
  • Trust Fall
    Alien To The Ignorant • A Dying Art