Poser Radio – Episode September 13, 2023

Program: Poser Radio

Length: 60 minutes

Today was supposed to be 70s but I don't know what the 70s is like.


  • Without a Shadow of a Doubt
    Elegance On a Nudist Beach • Elegance on a Nudist Beach
  • Leave the Province
    Love Language • Indian Cowboy
  • Shook (I'm Often)
    Atsuko Chiba • Water, It Feels Like It's Growing
  • A la Porte de Demain
    Population II • A La O Terre
  • Kapital
    Cobra Barbara • Cobra Barbara
  • Three Poisons
    Elephant Stone • The Three Poisons
  • Lizard Moon
    Japanese Television • Japanese Television
  • Moon Boots
    Pseudo Mind Hive • Electica
  • Love the Drugs You Make Me Feel Like I'm On
    Black Helium • Primitive Fuck
  • Sleeping Giants
    Planet Cruiser • Riders of the Edge
  • what are you waiting for
    Cam Kahin • WHEN IT'S ALL OVER
  • Future Forever
    Comet Control • Comet Control