Poser Radio – Episode October 18, 2023

Program: Poser Radio

Length: 60 minutes

In the booth today we've got an interview with Nameless Friends ahead of their show tonight! Additionally, Justin is starting his redemption arc.


  • Bear It All
    Dopamine Dream • Unknown
  • Soothsayer
    Public Animal • Sun Won't Wait
  • Demons
    Nameless Friends • Blasphemy
  • A Little More Myself
    Kitty Prozac • None Shall Be Afraid
  • Free
    Madame Psychosis • Survivor
  • Not Today, Not Tomorrow
    Poison Ruïn • Not Today, Not Tomorrow
  • Live with the Dead
    Voodoo Church • Voodoo Church
  • Forbidden Zone
    GBH • City Baby's Revenge