Poser Radio – Episode January 17, 2024

wooooooo weeeeeeee welcome to the country twang rendition of this here episode of Poser Radio. We've got the wild wild west behind us and we're ready to go traversing through this here radio frontier.


  • The Lord's Favorite
    Iceage • Plowing Into the Field of Love
  • One More Year
    The Supervoids • Overworked and Paranoid
  • dodge and parry
    The Black Frame Spectacles • Grady Sessions
  • All The Kings Horses
    Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders • The Year To Forget
  • No Hit Wonder
    Mr. Porky • La crotte du y'able
  • What You Wanted Is What You Get
    Light Bulb Alley • Lights and Shades
  • 10 Tourniquet
    The Grand • The Grand
  • The Hellbound Train
    The Howling Bullets • Ghoul Country
  • Come On Tonight
    The Figgs • Palais
  • In Bed
    Kitty & The Rooster • One Gig Hard Drive
  • Harmonica
    Kickstart • Kickstart
  • Long Way
    Hill Valley Lightning • Hill Valley Lightning
  • All Over Again
    The House On Cliff • The House On Cliff EP
  • The Cat
    The Wheelgrinders • Torque-Flite Baby
  • Sweet Preacher
    The Limes • Squeeze It
  • Slow Rebellion
    Young Neighbours • Forever A Slow Rebellion