Poser Radio – Episode June 19, 2024

Program: Poser Radio

Length: 60 minutes

Transitional episode time! Happy Sled Island to all those who celebrate! This week is a bit of a breather between all the chaos of the most magical time of the year, so sit back and enjoy some curated tunes.


  • Anti-Establishment Haircut
    The Orange Kyte • The Orange Kyte Says Yes!
  • My Time / I, the Luddite
    Bored Décor • The Color Red
  • Is This Me
    The Hi-Tops • Lips, Hips, & Counterfeits
  • Prostitutes
    House of Dolls • Welcome to the Department of Nuclear Medicine
  • They Came Down
    Meatbodies • Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom
  • Auto
    OKGB • Communist Love
  • Majesty of Death and Time
    Dopey's Robe • Velvet Skinner
  • Sonic Liberation Front
    Bridgeland • Sonic Liberation Front/Dream Within A Dream
  • Phese
    Highland Eyeway • Spirit Wrangler - EP
  • People Pleaser
    Bluffing • People Pleaser
  • Rocket Fly
    Von Loop • 7"
  • Broke & Broken
    No Brainer • Dead Weight
  • (I've Been) Waiting For the Day
    Pearly Moon • Tragicomedy