Post A-Punk-Alyptic – Episode May 20, 2022

Program: Post A-Punk-Alyptic

Length: 60 minutes

Teenage Nightingales to Wax by The Three Johns


  • When you Turn on the Light
    Frog Eyes • The Bees
  • Tell This Side
    Heaven For Real • Sweet Rose Green Winter Desk Top Tell This Side Autumn Of The Fighter Hot In A Cool Way EP
  • Dissarray
    Preoccupations • New Material
  • Once Again
    The Birthday Massacre • Fascination
  • Streets of Laredo
    Johnny Cash • American IV
  • Editions of You
    Roxy Music • For Your Pleasure
  • Teenage Nightingale To Wax
    The Three Johns • Atom Drum Bop
  • Harlem Roulette
    The Mountain Goats • Transdental Youth
  • Faint of Heart
    Folly Group • Human and Kind EP
  • Life After Wartime
    Talking Heads • Fear of Music
  • Waiting