Power Trip – Episode July 7, 2021

Program: Power Trip

Length: 120 minutes

Tallan Says Space Is Big! Chevy Says Space Is Fake! LET'S GO!!!


  • Collapsing Castles
    Overzealous • The Gate Opens
  • 100% Tapped
    Little Fritter • Bang This Joint
  • SHUM
    Go_A • SHUM
  • Funny Meal
  • The Age of Automation
    Active Dark Filament • Insular Mountains
  • Floe (Remix) (Specially Mixed for Your Personal Cassette Player)
    Phillip Glass • "Specially Mixed for Your Personal Cassette Player"
  • Rehumanization
    Solotet • Victimhood Sold as Empowerment
  • Decimation of Movement over Time
    LITTLE SNAKE • A Fragmented Love Story, Written By The Infinite Helix Architect
  • More Than The Fairy
    Death Grips, Les Claypool • Single
  • Contact Us Exmachina (Mecanotremata)
    SkulkPartitionRoot • Dsytopia In Pink
  • Yost
    Highland Eyeway • Spirit Wrangler EP
  • A Window Is Opened
    Sugar Candy Mountain • Impression
  • Constellation
    Adam Hendrickson • Realms
  • Sputnik
    Public Service Broadcasting • The Race for Space
  • Ignition To Infinity
    Astronaut cult • Theory Of The Big And The Small
  • Cosmo Bounce 216
    Kommisar • Let's Do Our Best
  • Transwave
    Game Genie Sokolov • Transwave
  • Sea Beat
    The Great Octopus • Deadly Eyes
  • Crumbling Castle
    8-Bit Escapades • 8-Bit Escapades
  • The Chick is In The Zone
    R41ÑB0W TR4$H • The Chick is In The Zone