Prairie Surfin’ – Episode October 16, 2018

Couple lefts, couple rights, and a bunch of tubular radio waves my dood!


  • La Punta De Mi Lengua
    Los Yorks • 68
  • Night of the Living Surf
    The 427's • Surf Noir
  • Every Girl
    Allah Las • Worship the Sun
  • Norwegian Butterfly
    Complex • Complex
  • Castigadas En El Granero
    Hinds • Very Best of Hinds So Far
  • Beach Dreams
    Dream Whip • Dream Whip S/t
  • My Wave
    Surf Punks • My Beach
  • Spit Hood
    The Betrayers • The Devil Doesn't Want You
  • Do Ya Feel It Too
    Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs • All To Myself 7"
  • Freak When I'm Dead
    King Tuff • Was Dead
  • Solace
    The Sea Urchins • Stardust
  • The Ghost With the Most
    The Almighty Defenders • The Almighty Defenders
  • Slough Road
    Volunteers • I Wish I Was As Happy As John Denver
  • Let Yourself Get Down
    The Blank Tapes • Candy
  • This Strange Effect
    Dave Berry • The Collection
  • Another Sunday Morning
    Robert Lester Folsom • Ode to a Rainy Day
  • One Track Ponies
    Kurt Vile • Bottle It In