Prairie Surfin’ – Episode February 3, 2020

A new episode of Prairie Surfin', freshly bloomed and ripe for the picking! Enjoy!


  • Waiting
    Laghonia • The New Juggler Sound
  • In Our Time
    Lee Hazlewood • Lee Hazlewoodism: Its Cause and Cure
  • Locust
    Black Lips • Sing In A World That's Falling Apart
  • Walkin In The Arizona Sun
    Blind Matty • Take Me Home Jesus
  • Pass My Time
    Volunteers • I Wish I Was As Happy As John Denver
  • Out Of My Mind
    Neil Young • Archives Vol 1
  • High Horse
    The Smoking Trees • The Archer And The Bull
  • Que Lindo Sueno
    King Khan and The Shrines • Three Hairs and You Are Mine
  • Flaccid Guitar
    Tomorrows Tulips • Harnessed To Flesh
  • J'ai Jete Mon Coeur
    Francoise Hardy • Francoise Hardy (1962)
  • Melody Of The Woods
    The Esquires • .
  • Ain't No Beatle
    The Flippers • Discotheque
  • Pata Pata
    The Silver Thunders • Me Gritan Melenudo
  • Melting Girl
    Transistors • Brazilian Pebbles
  • Compulsion
    Kim Gray • Compulsion
  • Bersiar Siar
    Fabians Boys Feat. Halipah • Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock From Singapore And Malaysia 1964-1970 Vol. 1
  • Let Me Know
    Ngozi Family • Day of Judgement