Radio Free Transylvania – Episode April 30, 2018


  • Rock 'n' Roll High School
    Ramones • Ramones Mania
  • Teenage Teenage
    The Screen Gemz • Teenage Teenage
  • Underacheiver
    Peer Pressure • Peer Pressure
  • Suburban Home
    Descendents • Milo Goes To College
  • Nuclear Hall of Fame
    Cutz • Space in Time b/w Nuclear Hall of Fame
  • I am a Confused Teenager
    The Hot Nasties • Invasion of the Tribbles
  • Kids Are People Too
    Silicone Injection • Sic Nos Non Nobis
  • I Wanna Know
    Private School • Lost In Action
  • Picture My Face
    Teenage Head • Teenage Head
  • Teenage Kicks
    The Undertones • Teenage Kicks
  • I Hate My School
    Red Cross • Red Cross
  • Teen Tour
    The Alan Milman Sect • The Alan Milman Sect
  • Bully
    Dream Whip • Dream Whip
  • Kid Don't Know
    The Alternators • The Alternators
  • We're Too Young
    The Boys • You Make Me Shake b/w We're Too Young
  • Teen Slime
    The Dogs • Rot N Roll b/w Teen Slime
  • It's A Crime To Be Young
    TST • No Teenage Future
  • Seventeen
    Sex Pistols • Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols
  • Teen City
    Modernettes • Teen City
  • Just Another Teenage Anthem
    New Hearts • New Hearts
  • Kids Of The Black Hole
    Adolescents • Adolescents