Rage Cage – Episode August 3, 2018


  • For the Love of Metal
    Dee Snider • For the Love of Metal
  • The Book of Heavy Metal
    Dream Evil • The Book of Heavy Metal
  • Heavy Metal to the World
    Manilla Road • Open the Gates
  • Roadies Song
    Saxon • Thunderbolt
  • Born To Be Wild
    The Cult • Electric
  • Thunder and Lightning
    Gothic Slam • Just a Face in the Crowd
  • Night Songs
    Cinderella • Night Songs
  • Night People
    Dio • Dream Evil
  • Turn Up the Night
    Black Sabbath • The Mob Rules
  • Set the World On Fire
    Annihilator • Set the World On Fire
  • Rain of Terror
    Exciter • Kill After Kill
  • Crisis
    Disciples of Power • Power Trap
  • Dark Skies Above
    Bison • Earthbound
  • Autumn Twilight
    Cathedral • Soul Sacrifice (EP)
  • Summer Dying Fast
    Cradle of Filth • The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
  • How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
    Suicidal Tendencies • Controlled By Hatred
  • Hang 'Em High
    Havok • Conformicide
  • Monster At the End
    Anthrax • For All Kings
  • Seven
    Thy Kingdom Slum • A History of Dissent EP
  • Seven Doors Hotel
    Europe • Europe
  • Numbers: I Can Only Count to Four
    Psychostick • Space Vampires Vs Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D
  • Slime and Punishment
    Municipal Waste • Mr. Pickles: Thrashtacular
  • The Years of Decay
    Overkill • The Years of Decay
  • Hours of Wealth
    Opeth • Ghost of Perdition
  • In Memoriam
    Evile • Five Serpents Teeth
  • The Underground in America
    Pantera • The Great Southern Trendkill
  • Invisible Wounds: Dark Bodies
    Fear Factory • Digimortal
  • Dirty Black Summer
    Danzig • Danzig III
  • Everything Dies
    Type O Negative • World Coming Down
  • When the Night Falls
    Iced Earth • Days of Purgatory
  • Nightfall
    Blind Guardian • Nightfall in Middle Earth
  • My Last Sunrise
    Demons and Wizards • Demons and Wizards
  • Summer's Rain
    Savatage • Gutter Ballet
  • Summer Night City
    Therion • Secret of the Runes
  • Copperhead Road
    DevilDriver • Outlaws Till the End Vol. I
  • Just Dropped In to See What My Condition Was In
    Children of Bodom • Skeletons in the Closet
  • Tuesday's Gone
    Metallica • Garage Inc.
  • Freebird
    Lynyrd Skynyrd • One More From the Road