Rage Cage – Episode November 2, 2018

Metal Duets special


  • Ball of Confusion
    Anthrax, featuring Joey Belladonna AND John Bush! • Return of the Killer "B"s
  • Blackout
    Six Feet Under, featuring John Bush • Graveyard Classics
  • Miss Misery
    Overkill, featuring Mark Tornillo • White Devil Armoury
  • Inquisitor
    Raven, featuring Udo Dirkschneider • All For One
  • They Only Come Out at Night
    Lordi, featuring Udo Dirkschneider • The Arockalypse
  • Dancing With Angel
    U.D.O., featuring Doro Pesch • Man and Machine
  • A Dream That Cannot Be
    Amon Amarth, featuring Doro Pesch • Jomsviking
  • Crushing Room
    Angra, featuring Doro Pesch • Secret Garden
  • It Still Hurts
    Doro, featuring Lemmy • Raise Your Fist
  • Please Don't Touch
    Motorhead (as Headgirl), featuring Girlschool • Motorhead: The Best of
  • Stand By Your Man
    Motorhead, featuring Wendy O. Williams • No Remorse (Special Edition)
  • Born To Raise Hell
    Motorhead, featuring Whitfield Crane, Ice-T • Airheads Soundtrack
  • Goddamn Devil
    Ugly Kid Joe, featuring Rob Halford • America's Least Wanted
  • The One You Love to Hate
    Halford, featuring Bruce Dickinson • Resurrection
  • Delivering the Goods
    Skid Row, featuring Rob Halford • B-Side Ourselves
  • Back in the Saddle
    Sebastian Bach, featuring Axl Rose • Angel Down
  • The Garden
    Guns 'n' Roses, featuring Alice Cooper • Use Your Illusion I
  • Be Chrool To Your Scuel
    Twisted Sister, featuring Alice Cooper • Come Out and Play
  • What Baby Wants
    Alice Cooper, featuring Ke$ha • Welcome 2 My Nightmare
  • Hands of Death
    Rob Zombie, featuring Alice Cooper • X-Files soundtrack
  • Iron Head
    Rob Zombie, featuring Ozzy Osbourne • The Sinister Urge
  • Stillborn
    Black Label Society, featuring Ozzy Osbourne • Blessed Hellride
  • Therapy
    Infectious Grooves, featuring Ozzy Osbourne • The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move
  • Shock the Monkey
    Coal Chamber, featuring Ozzy Osbourne • Chamber Music
  • Terrorize
    Soulfly, featuring Tom Araya • Primitive
  • Disorder
    Slayer, featuring Ice-T • Judgement Night Soundtrack
  • Judgement Night
    Biohazard, featuring Onyx • Judgement Night Soundtrack
  • A Toute La Monde
    Megadeth, featuring Cristina Scabbia • United Abominations
  • Man or Ash
    Corrosion of Conformity, featuring James Hetfield • Wiseblood
  • Tuesday's Gone
    Metallica, featuring Les Claypool/Pepper Keenan/Jerry Cantrell • Garage Inc.
  • Room 24
    Volbeat, featuring King Diamond • Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies
  • Devil Woman
    Cradle of Filth, featuring King Diamond • Nymphetamine (Special Edition)
  • The Byronic Man
    Cradle of Filth, featuring Ville Halo • Thornography
  • Dead Hearts
    Dee Snider, featuring Alissa White-Gluz • For the Love of Metal
  • Couple Suicide
    Annihilator, featuring Danko Jones/Angela Gossaw • Metal
  • See You in Hell
    Seven Witches, featuring Joe Comeau • Xiled to Infinity and One
  • The Burning
    Seven Witches, featuring Jon Oliva • Xiled to Infinity and One
  • Cold Sweat
    Dublin Death Patrol, featuring Steve Souza/Chuck Billy • DDP 4 Life
  • Totalni Destrukce
    Vader, featuring Bruno (Krabathor) • Future of the Past II
  • Fuck You
    Damageplan, featuring Corey Taylor • New Found Power
  • Get Outta My Life
    Rebel Meets Rebel, featuring David Allan Coe/Hank III • Rebel Meets Rebel
  • Light the Universe
    Helloween, featuring Candice Night • Keepers of the Seven Key: The Legacy
  • Walk This Way
    Run DMC, featuring Aerosmith • Raising Hell